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Published September 19, 2017

Today is the release of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I’m excited about the game, but some of that excitement has been dulled by the announcement of more paid DLC. Couldn’t they wait a few weeks to make announcements to further run our pockets? It just looks shady whether that’s their intent or not.

So what’s the latest announcement? Four more characters have been added to the paid DLC roster. That brings it to a grand total of six extra characters. Those fighters include Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom. Add the previously announced Sigma and Black Panther and you now have six.

You can purchase these characters via the season pass or you can get the season pass in the deluxe edition of the game which will set you back $89.99. As much as I want to try Black Panther I can’t afford it. This is me right now.


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