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Published April 27, 2016

While at PAX East the Gi Squad was able to get their hands on Tuque Games upcoming title Livelock published by Perfect World Entertainment. Livelock is a cooperative top-down shooter where players must work together to break the cycle of infinite war between machines. With three of us at PAX East finding a game made for 3 player Co-Op was a perfect match. Players can choose one of three distinct characters each with unique abilities, strengths, and personalities. Livelock does not force all players to select different characters but we did decide to choose each to experience first hand what all the abilities and weapons can do in action together. The game was a blast and left us wanting more as the demo cut off right at the stage boss. We spoke with Kevin Neibert who is the Lead Game Designer after the demo and he mentioned we should see Livelock by the end of this year, on PC, XB1 and PS4. Perfect World confirmed earlier in the year that it will be their first non-F2P game.

“All aboard the scrap train!”
Hex focuses on dealing targeted damage, relying on high impact precision weapons as well as multiple tools to deftly outmaneuver the enemy. He will always take credit for a kill, even if he isn’t the one responsible for it.

“An ocean is not scared of drops.”
Vanguard barges into waves of enemies, his presence demanding the tide of battle be turned toward his mighty fists and devastating hammer. He will always ponder the meaning of a kill, especially when he is responsible for it.

“You think you can take me?”
Catalyst commands her squad of drones to execute her orders, conquering each scenario with leadership and tactical prowess. She will always look for the most efficient kill, including opportunities where she can get the assist.

For more info on Livelock click here

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