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Published August 2, 2015

League of Legends just built a 29 foot statute of a fortified turret that’s in the game. They claim they built the statue to give players a new way to interact with the game, but our top research team has researched and by researched I mean bull shit our own reason on why they made the statue. Legend has it that this statue isn’t even new but was created light years ago in an alien world by legends that were in some type of league of their own and who ever prays to the statue it is said it will strenghten their favorite champion ability by ONE HUNDRED GAGILLION TILLION TIMES! For those of you who can’t fully grasp that concept, it means their favorite League of Legends champion’s power level will be over 9000!

I love my job.

Encontro na Torre – Teaser 2

Quem vai abraçar a torre este fim de semana? Visite e veja os eventos com narradores do #CBLoL, proplayers, YouTubers e mais!E se você não está em São Paulo, fique atento: o Encontro na Torre vai acontecer em outras cidades do Brasil 🙂 Aguardem!

Posted by League of Legends – Brasil on Friday, July 31, 2015

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