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Published June 27, 2017

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is more than a few months away. In fact, the game doesn’t even come out till 2018 but that isn’t any reason for you to be ignorant on the controls for the future. With this amazing 5 minute tutorial, you will be able to know how to Chat, match make, and fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. This game plays unlike most of the Final Fantasy games in the series where as most of the games feature a turn based fighting mechanic while being a JRPG at it’s core this game will be more focused on the fast-paced 3D fighting and incorporate some JRPG elements to keep it familiar with its core audience. Dissidia Final Fantasy on PSP is up there in terms of my personal fantasy games so you might just see this version on GI’s YouTube in 2018.

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