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Published March 7, 2017

I will forever respect Cliffy B and everything that he’s done for the video game culture, but I must honestly say I was disappointed when I played Lawbreakers after he announced it two years ago. Last year was the first time a small group was able to play the Arena based first person shooter, and there were just a lot of things wrong with it (which Cliffy B fully acknowledged).

It’s time to give it a second go and allow more people to try out the game and provide feedback now that the game is ready for closed beta. From March 16th to March 19th, you will get to try out the game and let Boss Key know how you feel about it. This beta will contain new weapons, characters, and a new map that we didn’t get to play on the Alpha.

Boss Key will also be at Pax East, filled with a panel and the game available to play on the show floor. Currently, the game is still only for PC but that might change if someone good can handle the port. Sign up for the closed beta here


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