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Published October 10, 2015

Looks like Micro transactions continue to piss people off and one those people is Mr. Kanye West himself. Late last night Yeezus tweeted about in app purchases and it seems like he wasn’t happy.I don’t know what app in particular his daughter North West was playing but he is showing his frustration as every parent would. I agree there shouldn’t be in app purchases in games you already paid for but especially in children games. Maybe if more people spoke out in frustration as Kanye and many others have. Then developers would get a hint and change how things work. It seems like it was years ago when we were able to enjoy video games with out micro transactions. Once you purchased a game that was it. No buy extra lives, or buy this weapon, or pay to skip this level. One day I hope we are able to get back to this, but unfortunately with latest trends we won’t. Go ahead Yeezus lead us to salvation!

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