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Published October 12, 2019

Joker released on October 4th and is still having huge success in the second weekend. According to this source, The film grossed $17 million during the second Friday.

The film has already grossed around $154 million not including this weekend where it looks to gain $60 million. All of this has been more than previously predicted and all the support is deserved. The people have praised this film because of the original story written and directed by Todd Phillips. Joaquin Phoenix does an amazing job of portraying Arthur Fleck A.K.A. Joker, Showing off a very different Joker than what we normally see.

The Joker film beat the recently released The Addams Family and Gemini Man which starred Will Smith in the box office, So this a great accomplishment. Have you seen Joker yet? If not, Go check it out and tell us what you think about the film!

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    1. @LAxChaos …. but is it actually good?

    2. I mean it just came out….of course its number 1 especially with all the banter around it…

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