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Published March 21, 2017

During Pax East 2017 Blvck stumbled across a Chinese indie game which is part of the ‘Indie Arcade’ booth that showcased a game called ‘Hidden Dragon Legend.’ Initially reading the title you think it’s ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, but this is not related! The game is a side-scrolling beat em up with RPG elements. You play the main character called Lu and is based on the Tang Dynasty. This game showcases the dark side of the dynasty and Lou wants to get revenge

The game features puzzles, a lot of platforming elements, combos, leveling up, swordplay, and boss fights. This is one game that you can’t even find anywhere on the net, but we’ll try to keep up with this game and let you all know when it drops on PS4 and Xbox One first this summer. It will also be dropping on Steam at hopefully a later date. Check out Blvck’s interview with some of the devs below.

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