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Published November 25, 2019

Google Stadia quietly launched last Tuesday, and I haven’t heard anything positive about it so far. From game codes not being delivered immediately, games not getting to actual 4K video quality, and latency issues, it sounds like the problems we saw coming are alive and well. None of those issues trump what some Reddit users have complained about, their Chromecasts overheating after extended game usage.

Multiple users confirmed their Chromecast shut off and overheated. Some users also reported that just streaming apps like Netflix and watching at 4K will also do the same thing. The overheating issue may not be directly related to long video game sessions, but it may be a hardware issue that needs to be addressed.

Google themselves replied to the Reddit thread stating that normal usage will make the Chromecast a little “warm”, but they have not seen any thermal shutdown problems after extensive testing. Either way, it’s not a good look if you are being limited on your gameplay sessions due to a device getting too hot. Hardcore gamers game for a minimum of 4 hours a day, so if you have to take a break in between your gaming sessions, this won’t make them happy.

I want Google Stadia to become a major player in the gaming realm, but we all saw these issues coming when it was announced. Are you still interested in the cloud gaming platform, or do you want to wait and see if Google can fix these issues before buying in?

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  1. I see somebody didn’t test their product.

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