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Published January 20, 2020

The next generation of consoles is on the horizon. There have been numerous rumors of backward compatibility coming out of Sony and Microsoft’s camps, but let’s be real. Most of us are picking up new consoles for new experiences. One of those new experiences is a title called Godfall for the PS5. According to their official website, Godfall features high impact combat, is a looter slasher (shooter) and better enjoyed with a friend (co-op).

A PS4 community on Reddit managed to get their hands on some early footage of the game. I think the most surprising thing about this footage is it wasn’t recorded on a potato. It’s a short six-second clip in full HD. It makes me believe this is real and was leaked by someone who works on the game. This is most likely an older build, but real none the less. Sadly the studio behind the game nor will Sony ever confirm the footage, so take it with a grain of salt.

I’m not embedding the video footage here for legal reasons, so if you want to check it then click here to head over to Reddit.

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