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Published October 4, 2017

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    Disclaimer: The following opinion piece is the opinion of and only of The Black Hokage. What you’re about to read does not reflect the thoughts and feeling of other Gi staff.

    As a twenty seven year old black man, not much phases me these days. I don’t want to say I’ve seen it all, but I’m hardly shocked or impressed at this point in my life. When I am; boy, do the cogs in my brain get to working over time!

    Internet sensation Boonk of “Boonk Gang” is the latest thing to puzzle me. He’s such a coon that I can’t help by wonder if he’s a government plant designed to destroy the black community from the inside. I’ve been quiet about this guy, but no more!

    Boonk became “known” from robbing various businesses in broad daylight. When he was caught he’d run away while recording himself shouting BOONK GANG! WHOLE LOTTA GANG SHIT!”. The overwhelming amount of online evidence has led to multiple arrests and he’s yet to learn his lesson. I’m just confused to how the growth multiplied so quickly?

      It seems like just yesterday I was blocking anyone who retweeted his coonery on my Twitter timeline. Since then he’s done interviews with various popular online Hip-Hop outlets such Dj Akademiks & VladTV. In one interview he revealed that he does all this foolishness so that he can launch his rap career.

        Boonk figures building up a rap sheet will bolster his rap career. His following on Instagram has grown, but that doesn’t equate to income. He even admitted he doesn’t make much money off his “pranks”. So he’s not making any money, he’s not doing anything positive for his community and the icing on the cake is this new interview from VladTV. Boonk claims “BOONKING” isn’t stealing, so Vlad asks Boonk to explain the difference and he couldn’t even answer.

          All this evidence piling up against him makes me wonder if Boonk is a government planted Andriod. He can’t seem to do anything correctly outside of his coonish programming. Is that because that’s all the government programmed him for? Let us look take a look at the evidence. He destroys his community; he has the kids following him thinking that’s cool and his latest face tats make him look like the Joker. This type of behavior promotes more self-destructive behavior from our youth. More self-destructive behavior means more cots being occupied in private prisons by young black men.

          That’s why I believe Boonk was sent to the black community by the government to destroy us. He’s like Itachi from Naruto if Itachi was actually evil all along! Boonk is a Coon Android 22 whose goal is to destroy the village in order to earn a seat at the table for Dr. Gero who’s primary goal is to collect all seven chaos emeralds and gentrify all black neighborhoods!

          That or Boonk is just some bumbling village idiot with an iPhone.


          Was I serious about this article all along? MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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