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Published June 5, 2017

In the midst of Gamestop’s financial struggles, it looks like they’re trying new things to recapture interest.

According to our informant, you will be able to apply your Gamestop trade-in credit to your Amazon account as soon as June 7th.

The cool thing here is with this program they claim you won’t have to take that %20 hit to your money.

If you trade in games and spend it in store, then Gamestop gives you more credit. If you want cash then Gamestop skims 20% percent off your trade in value.

Not with this Amazon program. You’ll be able to keep 100% percent of your trade-in value and then use it to buy whatever you like on Amazon. Apparently, an announcement was made to Gamestop employees that read

“Starting in June, Amazon shoppers will be able to apply their GameStop trade credit and cash towards their Amazon account. This exciting addition to our trade program is intended to drive incremental trades into stores, helping your team meet trade and inventory goals.  

On 6/7, the GameStop logo will be added to Amazon’s website to promote this program. Interested shoppers will request a barcode on that can be used in GameStop stores like an Amazon POSA card.  

The added store traffic driven by this program is sure to help increase digital sales and the potential for guests to purchase other products in your store.”

Not a bad idea. I can’t complain.

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