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Published March 26, 2017

Years of terrible service, screwing over the customer and overpriced used games have finally caught up with the video game store Gamestop. Sales were down in 2016, and it has forced them to shut down 150 Gamestop stores. Our snitch claims this move was caused by the rise of digital sales.

These days gamers prefer to purchase their games online and directly install them to their hard drive. This is what caused the 14% overall drop in sales in 2016. The crazy part is holiday season 2016 was the worst for them. Usually, people spend a lot during the winter, but sales were down 19%.

No word on what specific stores will be shut down, but they’re expecting mostly U.S. based stores to be affected. That’s because the U.S. is where the sales have been down the most. Here’s the plot twist, though. In light of the bad news, Gamestop still plans to open 35 more of their non-gaming stores. They’ve sprouting up collectible stores across the states, and your city might be the next location.

Sucks to hear so many people will be losing their jobs, but we can’t pretend like we didn’t see it coming. I cringe every time I have to go to Gamestop because Amazon doesn’t have what I need (which is rare). It’s just a terrible place to be.

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