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Published April 21, 2018

After the first wave of DLC for Dragon Ball FightersZ. It’s time to start looking forward to additional fighters. Leaked screenshots from the latest V-Jump magazine shows the next character up “Fused Zamasu”. Now Dragon Ball Super fans mentioned Zamasu when it was revealed before released that Goku Black would be a playable character. A lot of them including myself thought Zamasu would just be an assist character. But it hasn’t been revealed yet by Bandi Namco but I’m pretty sure it safe to say that A form of Zamasu will be playable. And those who don’t know “Fused Zamasu” is a Potora Fusion between an “Immortal Zamasu” & “Goku Black”.  Let us know are you excited about this latest character and who would like to see if it was up to you!



Bandai Namco has officially announced Fused Zamasu including some hi-res screenshots. Still no date has been announced, but the team says “Soon”.

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