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Published May 22, 2018

I remember when news leaked months ago that the infamous Jetpack was coming to Fortnite. People were making videos and reddit posts like crazy, speculating if the game would officially be ruined when this item came into the game. Months went by, and there was no mention of this item at all. Now today with version 4.2, the Jetpack arrives as a new type of inventory slot called Backpacks.

To not get this confused with Back Bling, this is NOT a cosmetic item. The Jetpack is a gameplay item that fills a regular inventory slot just like guns and health items. You can activate the Jetpack by jumping while in mid-air. You will not be able to aim down sights while using the Jetpack. It will recharge while not in use. I will definitely have to try the Jetpack out today and see how it handles.

Also, the Solid Gold v2 LTM is available this week. This is one of my favorite game modes besides Blitz. Check out the full patch notes here.

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