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Published February 28, 2019

While Apex Legends is currently taking viewership away from the “King of Battle Royale” Fortnite, Epic Games knows that everyone gets super hype when the new season comes around. Enter Fortnite Season 8 which went live today. The theme this time is Pirates and Ninjas. There’s a volcano that appeared, the new Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps are the new areas you can get to with volcanic vents. X marks the spot for Season 8.

Just like any other season, you can buy the battle pass for 950 v bucks. If you completed all of the challenges for Season 7, you will get Season 8 for free. Complete with Season 8 are new emotes, gun cosmetics, pets, and skins.


    New weapons/items include the pirate cannon which fire either cannonballs or other players that do damage and knockback to nearby players. Vaulted items include the chiller grenade, the X-4 Stormwing, shopping cart, and all-terrain kart. LTM modes include 50V50 and Close Encounters. One very important feature that was added is the ping system (similar to Apex Legends). You can ping locations, items, weapons, and even other enemies. This is a feature that has been needed for awhile. Check out the full patch notes here.


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