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Published October 4, 2017

Ever wonder why BlueHole has been so salty against Epic Games after they released the Fortnite Battle Royale mode? Well now they may have another reason as the game received seven million players in its first week. With the addition of squad modes, more people decided to try it out.

The most important advantage Epic Games has over BlueHole with PUBG is the fact that Fortnite is on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Also allegedly you can party up with PS4 players if you’re on the PC and play with them in matches like you can for Paragon. On top of that, the Battle Royale mode is completely FREE so anyone can try it out.

Taking the idea and running with it is one thing, but Epic might end up snatching some of that console fanbase that really wants to play a battle royale style game over the next few months. If I were BlueHole, I would work on dropping that Xbox One version of PUBG fast!

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