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Published December 3, 2018

The third season of Code Geass is basically a film. Expectations are high. This is my favorite anime at this point in time. I liked the way the original show ended. It was one of the few animes that ended with a satisfying conclusion. This won’t stop the studio behind it from continuing the series. So here we are. Lelouch Of The Resurrection it’s called. According to the wiki

“There was once a man who grasped at the world and broke it. That man was Lelouch Vi Britannia, and this is the world after his death. Is what we find here reality, or is it chaos? The great movement that brought about this new age — Code Geass — opens a new door. “I still have a promise to keep.”

What does this all mean for the show? I’m not sure. We’ll find out in 2019. Meanwhile feel free to take a look at the first real trailer for the film.


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