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Published November 14, 2015

Earlier in the week our very own TBH posted an article about the “Infinite Bottle Cap Exploit” for Fallout 4. Only days after the release we are already getting an abundance of mods. Some are a little as SFX change and others are graphic enhancers. Here are my top 5 Mods so far in Fallout 4!

5. Damn Son….

In this mod created by CKlidify instead of hearing the typical sound of finding a new settlement. This mod allows you to hear the SFX “Damn Son Where’d You Find This”. Nothing big but something very funny in my opinion.

4.The Eyes Of Beauty

In this graphical mod created by LogRaam it will give your avatar realistic eye textures that will greatly improve the look of your characters eyes compared to the vanilla eyes that you start with in the game.

3.Enhanced Wasteland Present

Another graphical mod but created by Razed will give the Wasteland a more enhanced look. It adds more vibrance and makes the wasteland environment look less washed out. If your looking to make your Fallout 4 experience looking as real as possible, I would recommend checking this one out!

2.Fallout 4 Configuration Tool 


With this mod created  by Bilago it gives the user more options to be able to configured your Fallout 4 experience from “Field of View Tweaker” to “High CPU Priority”. This mod will continue to have more configurations as updates continue.

1.Obama O’ Rama


This mod created by Hacnsm of the hot-soup gives you the ability to have your Avatar look just like our President of The United States of America! Imagine POTUS emerging from fault 111 into the world of raiders, mutants and destruction. To become the ultimate savage in a power suit.

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