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Published August 9, 2015

Evolve is by far the epitome of corporate greed. With more than $60 worth of DLC not covered over the season pass Evolve is by far one of the worst games to have such shitty business practices. Evolve was repetitive in gameplay, lacked content, and the time per matches varied greatly. The online community dropped over 60% within the first month of the game’s release, but guess what! Here is some more DLC and luckily for season pass owners it’s covered by it. Sadly for season pass owners they just might be the only ones playing the game.


Please, do not support DLC mindlessly. Don’t be an idiot like the guy below and tell someone to get a job because they don’t agree with the bad business practices of companies. YouTube user who goes by the name Jack Thomas is saying the Witcher 3 which in my opinion will probably be game of the year is catering to the poor for giving out free DLC. Even though the Witcher 3 is a much bigger game than Evolve and has more content than Evolve and this is being perceived as a negative for some odd reason it almost makes me want to fight Jack for being an idiot. I don’t know about you, but more is always good, but free is always better. Don’t be like Jack “ass” Thomas and be an educated consumer. Next thing you know he might say steam caters to the poor for not making PC gamers pay for their own internet.

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