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Published December 21, 2015

Came across a new space title while surfing the net called EVERSPACE. It’s designed by RockFish games & the gameplay looked solid, but I was curious as to what separates this from Star Citizen or Dangerous Elite. According to their official website

“Being an EVERSPACE pilot you will travel & explore, hunt for resources and uncover hidden secrets as well as fight and upgrade your ship and character.

As the game won’t be ultra hardcore when it comes to character death, you can embrace dying on a new level. Every time you die you are going to be rewarded and can pick better gear for your next run. And yes, all upgrades and modifications will be visible on your shiny ship in full detail.”

The concept of rewarding players for dying instantly turned me off. I’m not into games that make the worst players the best players. I could be wrong, but they could explain the mechanics better. Check out the gameplay below.

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