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Published February 25, 2017

Ethos & I finally got around to viewing episode two of NBC’s new superhero comedy show Powerless. This episode centers around Vanessa Hudgen’s character learning what it means to be a team player. As the new girl, she was trying her hardest to fit in which leads to her ending up in some sticky situations. Ultimately sacrifice leads to her gaining the trust of her peers, but how was the plot executed?

Not very well. The plot is full of tropes, and for a show that’s supposed to be funny, it sure isn’t funny. Once again Ethos & I found ourselves trying our hardest not to cringe. Just take a listen to our seven-minute review of episode two. I think we’ve got about one more episode of this show in us before it gets dropped. Episode three already released, so I guess will get around to viewing it soon.

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