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Published May 22, 2019

Epic Games is doing their best to bully their way into the client market to take on the juggernaut that is Steam. They’re offering free games, sales and Fortnite is exclusive to it on PC. So you would think they’d want you buying as many games as possible? Keyword in that previous sentence is THINK.

According to reports Epic’s store has systems in place to flag accounts they deem suspicious. It’s understandable considering it’s a lot of grey key sites out here taking advantage of companies. The issue is this system is too aggressive. Streamer AngriestPat shared screenshots on Twitter of his account being blocked for purchasing 5 games in a row during their sale.

So just a heads up if you run into this issue; contact player support if you need help. It was confirmed by Epic’s PR team that “this was a result of our aggressive fraud rules”. All I can say is big yikes!

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