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Published May 13, 2016

With E-Sports on the VERY quick rise to fame and stardom ESL, Electronic Sports Leagues, has assembled the avengers of E-Sports to form a new governing body called WESA, World Esports Association. WESA is half owned by ESL and partly owned by many big teams that participate in tournaments. The goal of WESA is to act as a governing body of the E-sports league and to make sure that everyone has a fair playing field, teams can get paid effectively, and that matches get played with the proper teams and no one doing anything “shady”. Some of the major issues that WESA plans to stop are the large amount of drug usage in tournaments such as adderall which is consider to be a performance enhancing drug in e-sports. Another goal is to stop and limit the fixing of matches where one team would throw the match away with hopes of sharing large profits from bets. Also, of course to cut down on any other type of corruption and unfair ethics as a whole. WESA is currently only in Europe but hopes to expand their reach all around the globe to set a standard for all e-sports events. Do you want to see WESA take on any specifics tasks? Should more E-sports leagues follow or join the model WESA that ESL has formed?

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