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Published August 24, 2019

I was really trying to resist contributing to the pockets of the mega-corporation this is Disney, but you can’t deny the content they’re bringing to their Disney+ service. Their annual D23 Expo is going on at the moment and it was there that they revealed the new Mandolarian trailer, but also more new shows.

Those shows include Moon Knight,  She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. I’m especially excited because you can tell Disney is putting a lot of money behind their shows in that Mandolarian trailer. They are really trying to get Netflix up out of here and you can’t be upset they’re raising their bar for a television production. Out of the three I’m most excited for She-Hulk.

That show has a lot of potential for some solid action, but also some solid comedic scenes. She’s a superhero lawyer, so it will be interesting to see how they balance that all out in a tv show.

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