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Published March 14, 2016

You’re watching the second episode of the Internet’s newest anime news show. This week, we’ll be covering: magical visions, deadly pads of paper, old criminals, and much more.



A new Escaflowne Dub?

Sign me up!
It will never come close to the original.
I’ve never seen The Vision of Escaflowne, but now I’m interested.


What do you think about WB’s live action Death Note film being rated R?



It’s better this way.


Wait, what Death Note film?


I’ll wait to see if it gets greenlit before I form an opinion…





What do you think of IMB Japan’s VRMMO project?

Ah, the possibilities!
I’m skeptical.


Are you excited to hear about Netflix’s partnership with Production I.G.?





I’m not sure.







Will you be tuning into Magi: Adventure of Sinbad?

Yes, of course… Did you even need to ask?


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