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Published December 10, 2018

When GI first coveredĀ Dauntless, we thought it would be the Monster Hunter that everyone wanted. When Capcom announced that a new Monster Hunter would be coming out for the major platforms, Dauntless fell into the background very quickly. The team hasn’t given up on the game and while the game is currently on PC, Phoenix Labs plans to bring the game to the Xbox One and PS4 in April 2019. They will also bring the game to the Switch and mobile later on.

That’s not the biggest news though. With the ever increasing want for cross-play amongst online gamers, Dauntless will allow players to play with each other across all devices, along with their accounts being able to carry across everything as well according to our source. This will forever be amazing news to me, and I really hope this becomes a standard for all multiplatform titles.

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