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Published June 30, 2015

Mark Cuban has been no slouch when it comes to finding ways to make more money. The current Dallas Mavericks owner will be investing in himself to produce Unikrn (unicorn). This will be an eSports startup program that focuses on betting on competitive matches, similar to the systems we currently have in place for traditional sports. Unikrn co owner Rahul Sood also invests in startup programs, so the team is very used to working the system.

It’s no secret that eSports is rapidly growing, as the most popular video game “League of Legends” hosts million dollar tournaments and has seasons dedicated to the competitive aspect. Mark Cuban saw this, and naturally wanted to get involved. Along with betting on matches, you will also have a platform to watch the matches. I’m not sure how the logistics will work out with already established sites like Twitch and MLG, but if Unikrn gets big I could see exclusivity deals emerging. I guess no matter how you feel about eSports, when there’s money involved the ‘sport’ will never die.


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