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Published April 13, 2017

The Coalition has really been pushing cross-platform play between the Xbox One & PC Gears Of War 4. It started with the casual modes and The Coalition is now bringing things full circle. The Coalition will be throwing PC and Xbox One players into the same ranked lobbies. The Coalition released a statement explaining their decision via their official blog.

“Core and Competitive are key experiences in Gears of War 4 that offer a more skill-based matchmade environment. While we know many of our players will enjoy playing against their opponents regardless of platform, we also know many of our players will want to ensure a level playing field – and that means keeping their opponents on the same platform as they are.

As such, later this year, we will be adding a new ‘Ranked Crossplay’ Toggle for our Xbox One players! Xbox One players will have the choice of playing with or without Windows 10 players in any Core or Competitive Playlist with this toggle – though Social, Competitive Warm Up and Special Events will always be Crossplay enabled regardless. As we want to make sure Windows 10 players can experience any Ranked Playlist, the toggle will not be available on Windows 10.”

Now, this is the part where some of you become fake upset. Leave your comments about how mouse & keyboard gives people an advantage in 3rd person shooters even though people on PC play with controllers. Talk about how every PC gamer is some M.I.T. graduate with an expertise in hacking. Go head. We’ll wait.

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