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Published April 15, 2019

Bad news for all the Paragon refugees. Its spiritual successor known as Core has been delayed by the studio behind. Metabuff Studios took to their official Facebook to release a long apology letter and announcement of the delay. If you’re too lazy to read it all the gist of it was they have standards. They don’t just want to put something out. They want to put something out that gives you the nostalgia of Paragon but also improves upon things.

Quality is their focus. It was hard for them to deliver that quality in just one year. Their original plan was to release a playable alpha with 15 heroes on the anniversary of the shutting down of Paragon. It was their way of sticking it to Epic Games. Sadly that goal was too much, so they’ve delayed the game with no new release date. It was a tough pill to swallow, but it is what it is.

They promised this delay will be worth the wait because they’re holding themselves to a high standard. If you would like to read the full letter, then click here. Admittedly I was ready to give on this game. Seemed like another hopeless dream, but Metabuff was smart enough to make this announcement, then drop some new content from the game. A new dev diary was uploaded to their YT channel revealing the games UI. I have to admit it’s clean. Especially the For Honor intro into battles. Check it out below.


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    1.' Nonya

      Wtf was wrong with the first one. Its just BS propaganda the new version looks worst then the first there is such thing as doing too much, sometimes simple is better thanks fir waistimg our time

    2.' PURE


      “”S A Y N O T H I N G”” ((Nonya))

      You were not forced to comment so why even say that BS!!

      Guarantee your a gamer that CANT TAKE IT LOOSING and would be very disrespectful to the winner
      HOPEFULLY we end up on opposite teams,,this female would show you RESPECT is free your just totally disrespectful,,you havnt lost anything ((eg)) cash/items

    3.' PURE

      😫😫😫😫😫 about delay
      BUT 😁😁😁😁😁 for delay reason
      My PARAGON had 6 characters MAX level,,Erorrs/bad coding i saw people abuse in game Shocked me,,RULES they had and their Support were the worst ((3/4 days to reply email)) players AFK

    4.' adam gifford

      Can I be apart of the Alpha? I really need to play this game again. I put tons of hours in and would like to test out. πŸ™‚

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