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Published August 25, 2016

An announcement by 2K today has stated that the 25th Anniversary Edition of Civilization VI will be very limited, as in only 20,000 copies will be produced for the game. Civilization, a strategy game based on history’s greatest empires created by Sid Meier, had it’s official release in 1991 and is a series that has sold over 35 million units across the world.

The anniversary will be priced at $90 and will be a PC exclusive. Along with the game of course, the digital deluxe edition comes with four DLC packs that add content such as scenarios, maps, civilizations, and leaders. Also in the announcement 2K  said that the Aztec civilization preorder will be released to the public for free, 90 days after the initial launch on October 21.

So for those who want the game and missed out on the preorder, don’t worry about purchasing that DLC pack unless you really want to play it as soon as possible. You can check out the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition down below:

3118878-anniversaryFor all those interested in the game, you better grab your copy of the game as soon as you can due to the limited amount of copies.



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