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Published April 4, 2017

A German cheat program maker by the name “Bossland” has just been forced by a California court to pay the sum of $8.6 billion dollars after they got hit with a total count of 42,818 counts of copyright infringement. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of so many counts on one case before!

The news comes from Torrentfreak that Blizzard filed the lawsuit last year and argued that Bossland “reverse-engineered and otherwise altered its games without permission”. It looks like Bossland did not try to defend themselves during the lawsuit, and amongst having the California court having them pay $8.6 billion, they also have to pay $177,000 in legal fees. Courts in the UK and Germany also ruled similar.

It also looks like the site for Bossland is still active and has this message if you go to their website:

“On 16th March 2017, Bossland GmbH, and its directors Mr Zwetan Letschew and Mr Patrick Kirk admitted, in and for the purposes of proceedings before the High Court of England and Wales, that the sale of its software which it sells as Honorbuddy, Gatherbuddy, Demonbuddy, Hearthbuddy, Stormbuddy and Watchover Tyrant, to any person resident in the United Kingdom, constitutes an infringement of Blizzard’s intellectual property rights and an inducement to players of Blizzard’s games to breach their agreements with Blizzard.

Looks like Blizzard is not playing about any cheaters, so think twice the next time you try to get up in the ranks of your next Overwatch placement match.

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