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Published July 12, 2017

Where my JRPG/Anime fans at? You might need to check out a new game from Koei Tecmo called Blue Reflection. It originally released in Japan in March and is now coming to North America & Europe this fall. ┬áThere’s not much information out there about the game, but what I could find is this.

“Blue Reflection is a role-playing game, which follows a day cycle: in the morning, the player character goes to school, and sometimes meets other students on the way.

Scenes occur during school, some of which involve questions from the player character’s classmates, which affect their relationship to the player character depending on the player’s answers; close friendships with characters enables additional support benefits during battles, and affects their attitudes towards the player during story sequences.

While exploring the Other World, the player sometimes encounters monsters, leading to a battle wherein the three characters in the player’s party fight through a turn-based system.”

The game honestly sounds like Persona The Loli Edition with a hint of Sailor Moon. Not my cup of tea, but I’m sure someone out there will enjoy it. Check out the announcement trailer below. Blue Reflection drops this September.


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