Battlefield V Teases World War 2

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  1. Brandon Mack Brandon Mack says:

    And just like that I’ve lost interest. WW1 or 2 just doesn’t grab me

  2. First person shooter devs must not know that there are more wars than just WW1 & WW2

  3. Nick Edwards Nick Edwards says:

    Nooooooo! Was hoping for modern day warfare. I’m out!!

  4. I’m excited!!! Can’t wait for the reveal

  5. Todd Rider Todd Rider says:

    I’m never gonna see 2143 in my lifetime at this rate.

  6. Justin Kirk Justin Kirk says:

    No more ww2…anything but wwfucking2.

  7. LilDRose LilDRose says:

    Sigh. I wish they’d go back modern. The WW games are gimmicks. BF1 died months after launch in terms of hype

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