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Published February 22, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been out for almost a month now, and while the game may be very fun to play (when it works), the main issues are constantly server based. Ever since release, it has been almost impossible to get into ring matches with your friends. Arena matches are also broken, and ranked matches are hit and miss with finding opponents to face.

Bandai Namco addressed the issue in the first week, but ever since we have not heard a word on if the team was working on fixing the server issues. Today we finally received a video from Tomoko Hiroki, game producer at Bandai Namco addressing the situation. In the video below, Tomoko states that they are very aware that issues are still present with Dragon Ball FighterZ They have been working on the game and will be releasing a patch later this month to slowly work on the server issues. After this patch, another one will be released in mid to late March to further address the issues.

I applaud Bandai Namco for finally formally addressing that there are still problems with the game, and hopefully when the issues are fully fixed GI can run some tournaments.

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