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Published December 21, 2018

Most of Gi can’t stand Planetside, but Blvck & I are big fans of Planetside 2. The game holds a special place in my heart because it was the game that taught me to “git gud” with mouse and keyboard. When you have over 2K people on screen at once shooting at each other + vehicles¬†you have no choice but to improve.

So naturally, I was excited to see that a new Planetside game revealed. It’s called Planetside Arena and the developers promise much more this time around! According to the plug, Arena will feature several modes including a battle royale mode. The game will a launch Jan.29th, 2019. At launch expect to see¬†“two battle royales, a solo affair and teams of three, and then a 250-on-250 team deathmatch the Daybreak Game Company team is calling Massive Clash.”

Combat will feature three classes. Assault, Medic, and Engineer. Each will sport three upgradeable perks. I’m excited to see more when it drops late next month!


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