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Published January 24, 2017

Dear reader, I must regretfully inform you that I’ve recently bought Battleborn for around $5 and I forced my friends into torture trying to enjoy it. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I hope Gearbox has learned from theirs. My experience playing Battleborn, in a nutshell, was it crashing if you ALT+Tab out of the game, It crashing on launch for my friend, it crashing mid game for my friends and them being unable to join midgame despite having the option enabled. Worst of all the game at its core works but was just boring with repetitive AI that didn’t make me fear for my well-being or even prevent a challenge in PVE, and certainly didn’t require my teammates and me to think of a strategy. Our experience was so bad I had to publicly apologize to my friends.

As I said earlier Battleborn at its core is a good game, however, it falls short in many departments. The first thing that killed this game off was its poor released time so close to Overwatch. I’m not sure if they could have changed the date to something earlier or after Overwatch’s launch but that played a factor in it not being successful due to all the comparisons. The next Gearbox should have stressed how the game offers a FPS-MOBA experience. If that alone was advertised more the game could have had a bigger initial fan base. Finally, Gearbox needed to give the game itself it’s own personality. Battleborn’s story mode is Borderlands 2 clone minus the loot and the grind for such and minus the open world experience. So what’s left is some random character trying to explain the plot to you at the top right of the screen all while you are trying to defeat a giant boss, unintelligent AI in a linear and at times confusing map that leaves you wondering why am I playing this story. The game has no sauce and we all know if you don’t got sauce you lost.

In conclusion, despite me not beating Battleborn I can honestly say it’s a 5/10. It has a lot of good elements to the game but none that make it stick out like 4 player coop, and a moba feel to PVP which somehow greatly devalues the game when you can’t have players join mid game. The story is repetitive and tedious, and I honestly regret buying this game. I could have bough 4 McChickens and still have enough for the tax. I could have bought a swisher sweet and an Arizona from my local corner store. I could have bought Burger Kings new $3.99 wopper jr. meal that comes with a drink, fries, 4 piece nuggets, and a wopper jr. I could go on for days about the other things I could have bought but you get my drift. Don’t buy struggle-born.

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