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Published August 20, 2016

Are you thinking about getting into comics but aren’t sure where to start? Are you already into reading comics and are looking for some other interesting reading material? I’m going to offer up a few choices in no particular order for your reading pleasure. Here are some of my recommendations:


Horizon (2016 – ) [Image Comics] 376475._SX640_QL80_TTD_ (1)

Imagine this: Earth’s future ain’t looking so hot because humans don’t know how to act causing war and environmental issues, so they make plans to head to space and colonize [read: invade] a new planet. (Given the current state of American politics…this doesn’t sound too farfetched, I’m just saying…) Now imagine you live on that planet and are on a small team tasked with going to Earth and stopping the humans from gentrifying your space blocks. That’s the basic premise that author Brandon Thomas and his team have laid out, and so far, it’s looking good. We’re in only 2 issues deep at the time of this post, so jump on the Horizon hype train while it’s early.

366144._SX360_QL80_TTD_Superman (2016 – ) [DC Comics]

I know, I know. Folks have their reservations about the Man of Steel these days, but hear me out. This book has an interesting take on Superman in that it shows the challenges he faces as a husband to Lois Lane and a father to Jon.  Yep, you read that right. Peter Tomasi has begun crafting an interesting coming of age tale within the main storyline for the Son of Superman as his powers begin to develop. What is it like to have a pops who can square up on Doomsday? With this book, I’m sure we’ll get a pretty good idea. This one surprised me a bit and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

337633._SX360_QL80_TTD_Black Panther (2016 – ) [Marvel]

You know I had to make way for the king! T’Challa aka Black Panther is back with a solo book by Ta-Nehisi Coates, following the events of Secret Wars. After years of teaming up with other heroes and fighting off threats both foreign and domestic, Black Panther finds restlessness and rising revolution among the Wakandans. There are lurking forces at work wanting to destroy the crown and cause the downfall of the kingdom. T’Challa is charged with fighting two battles at once: one against this rising foe, and another against his own personal struggles. One of the best parts about this book is getting to see the country, its people, their rich history and top tier technology like we never have before. Dope read with stunning artwork and fantastic coloring – my favorite book out!

354416._SX360_QL80_TTD_Empress (2016) [Icon]

Heading back into space behind the pen of Mark Millar, this fast-paced, action-packed, plot-twisting roller coaster ride is just fun. Letting go of the seriousness of something like Marvel’s Civil War II event or Valiant’s 4001 AD event…just follow this craziness where it takes you. A queen runs away from her crazy powerful husband king with his kids in tow and he ain’t having that, especially when he put her on in the first place. He stops at nothing to find her while she, the captain of her guard, and her kids meet up with an old space buddy and his robot. They run into various obstacles followed by constant narrow escapes as the whole galaxy is hunting them down. Currently, 5 of 7 issues are out and should be on the shelf of your local comic book shop and most definitely available digitally.

­349332._SX360_QL80_TTD_4001 AD (2016 event) [Valiant]

Speaking of Matt Kindt’s 4001 AD event, this one right here? Crisp. Spanning across a few of Valiant’s titles, the entire event has a series of 4 core issues (and 8 tie-ins) focusing on New Japan, which orbits the earth, in the 41st century, run by an increasingly despotic A.I. named Father. Some folks aren’t too happy about it and Luna Lee, a 16 year old revolutionary, drops a viral bomb in the system with the help of Rai, a human/A.I. hybrid which patrolled the sectors of New Japan for Father. Turns out, Father is his actual father. After learning from Luna how his old man did his moms dirty, they team up and lead the charge against Father – who responds by dropping sections of New Japan and even his own son back down to earth. Not cool, bruh. This story of destiny and freedom picks up from there as Rai has to get back to New Japan and liberate the humans. I don’t usually pick up tie-ins, but in this case I don’t regret having them to flesh out the main story. I definitely recommend you check this one out; all 12 issues should be available at the end of August.

Honorable Mentions

303214._SX360_QL80_TTD_The Ultimates (2015 – ) [Marvel]

Al Ewing is outchea writin’ fire with this one – don’t let anyone fool you into thinking this is some sort of Beta Squad Avengers. Nah, this team is made up of powerhouse, OP, genius-level heroes and heroines ready to solve galactic-level problems. Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Black Panther, and Ms. America Chavez are out here representing people of color real proper. Captain Marvel rounds out the team and, currently, is the reason why things are starting to get a little heated. The Civil War II event is going on and Captain Marvel’s drive to change future events based on the ability of a new Inhuman isn’t sitting right with everyone. Meanwhile, Thanos is causing trouble but the fractured squad was too distracted to see it coming and it’s about to go down.

373675._SX360_QL80_TTD_Justice League (2016 – ) [DC]

Here’s the story by Bryan Hitch so far: Earth is splitting apart at the seams and only the Justice League can save the day. Following the events of DC Rebirth, we’re getting a re-introduction to the squad teaming up with a fresh take on some characters. It consists of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, Superman, Flash, and the two new Green Lanterns assigned to sector 2814 (Earth). The team has split up to rescue people and continue the investigation into what is actually going down, when humans under mind control start to form up like Voltron creating these giant Attack on Titan-looking entities who themselves are about to join together to take on the whole universe…it’s getting wild.

417633._SX360_QL80_TTD_Star Trek (2011 – 2016) [IDW]

Wrapping up its 5 year mission in a very apropos way, this book by Mike Johnson just released its 60th and final issue on 08/16. I’m a die-hard Trekker, so I had to salute the crew from the Kelvin Timeline (aka the 2009 JJ Abrams reboot crew starring Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk) for holding down Trek story telling. Other Star Trek books are currently running so check them out too if you’re interested. With this year being the 50th anniversary of the franchise, I’m sure there are more galactic adventures to come.


Well, that’s my list so far. Comment below and let me know what you think of these books, or any others that you might be reading. Until next time, peace.

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