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Published April 12, 2018

While we were at Pax East, Ace and myself had the opportunity to talk to Eitan Glinert of Fire Hose Games about 20XX. While this is not a new game (it’s been around since 2014), updates are constantly being added. TheĀ Complete game released on August 16th, 2017 for Steam.

What makes 20XX a unique type of Megaman game comes from modernizing the franchise. You can play co-op, the maps are procedurally generated, you can revive your teammate if they die, and the game being a little less hard on gamers who want to get through the game and not be constantly frustrated.

The game is currently $15 on Steam and will be coming to consoles later this year. Currently, the consoles have not been announced, but we will keep you up to date when we hear more information. Check out the interview that Ace had with Eitan below.



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