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Published April 27, 2016

Day 1 of Pax East 2016 started with off with a bang! The first thing I did was rush over to Logitech G‘s area excited for a great reveal. But what I saw minutes later truly had me in awe. Who would have expected 160 G810 Keyboards modified with clear caps with the help of @iam8Bit to tell a story of love? The word passion is something that means a lot to millions of people and Logitech G shows great passion for gaming with this “Great Wall of Logitech G.” Not only did they show what gaming with passion looks like, but they also revealed something that we can see happening in the foreseeable future!


Could you imagine using keyboards as a monitor to play for your favorite 8 Bit game? Well after watching “The Great Wall of Logitech G”, I realized it’s a possibility. The clear caps were perfect to show off the colorful show, and I can only sit here waiting excitedly to see what Logitech does now. The G810 Keyboards are fully customizable, and they feel great while typing. But apparently they can also be a monitor for you as well. Thank you, Logitech G for giving the GamingIlluminaughty staff the opportunity to see this incredible display so we can report it and show it to our viewers.


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