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Published August 19, 2015

6) Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magicka

This anime series is done by the one and only Gen the Butcher. Although it may appear like a regular magical moe type series, it is filled with plot twists and some of the most darkest moments in anime. Only people who have seen this anime, truly know how deep and dark the story is. The music is done by Yuki Kajiura (she done music for Fate/Zero, SAO, .hack, Garden of Sinners) and Studio Shaft does a really good job animating this series. This anime teaches the true meaning behind knowing what to wish for and the consequences.


Shows similiar to this:

-”Gakkou Gurashi”- A brand new series that is like this one where it tricks the viewers to believing that it is a regular moe show.

-”Wixoss Infected”- Good series in general but not as well developed as Madoka.

-”Psycho Pass”- Another show done by Gen the Butcher. Has a good world, concept and has crazy plot twists just like Madoka.


5) Clannad Series

Even if you don’t watch romance and slice of life series, this anime is a crime to not watch, because of how well developed the characters and their relationships are. You think you are a grown ass man, nah, you probably be crying after watching the series because of the shitty life and struggles the main character goes through. Add one of the best OST ever and very good animation for its time, this series deserves its popularity and hype.

After you finish this series, you will probably feel a void so watch these:

-”Angel Beats”- This anime does not dive into the romance early, but instead of the main character only being the one who has a shit life, everyone does instead. Also it has good soundtrack and animation but suffers from pacing issues.

-”Nagi no Asukara” and “Anohana” are also very good romance anime that can make you cry and has a very good budget into it.

4) Hiatus X Hiatus

This is if not one of the best shonen series ever and is well produced by Studio Madhouse. The story may look plain because it only focuses on a little boy attempting to become a hunter and find his father; but every arch is very well written and the characters are good. I could not really find a single episode or character that I did not like. Even though it is a long running series, the animation stays top notch and consistent and is always consistent. However, this anime series suffers from  probably never finishing because Togashi is either sick or playing Dragon Quest and Madhouse like never do season 2’s. The ending was good but many things went unresolved.


-”One Piece”- READ THE MANGA. This series is a literally an epic.

-”Magi Series”- Good shonen series, and one of the few that actually has good music and animation.

-”Naruto”- You can watch this series, but deadass way too much fillers. The fights may be good but shit they last too long and during the fights it goes to fillers again.

3) Fate/Zero

You probably wondering why I did not say the entire Fate Series, well that is because people bitch about the order to watch the series and in a way if i do, I am forcing you to play the entire visual novel. This series and Fate/Apocrypha(if it gets animated) can do very well as a stand alone anime.  The story is also done by Gen the Butcher and  is about 7 mages participating in a Holy Grail War, where they can each summon a hero (historical, mythological figures) to fight to the death to reach their goals. All the characters are grown adults and don’t receive any BS friendship power-ups. When the heroes do clash, their ideology, beliefs and pride clash, making this one hell of a deep series. Each hero and their master are very well developed and always has something about them that are interesting. Plus the war is a battle royale, so imagine all the chaos and action scenes that can occur. This may appear as a dark action anime, but really the dialogue is what makes it better, watch out for the king banquet, because that makes the story more impressive. Add Yuki Kajiura again doing the music and the best animation of all time, you get a must-watch series. 


-”Garden of Sinners series”-Takes place in the same universe but expands on other aspect other than the Holy Grail War.

-”Btooom!”- A battle royale Seinen series done by Studio Madhouse, that will probably never get season 2 because Studio Madhouse.

-”Deadman Wonderland”- I guess?, could not really think of another series.

2) Baccano!

One of the most underrated series ever because it was released in 2007, which is one of the best years in terms of good anime. The story is about well, it is a clusterfuck. There are actually 3 stories told in a span of 16 episodes but it works really well. The story follows mafias, a girl finding her brother, immortality and lots of killing happens. Each character may be psychotic but are well developed and every member can easily be in my top 10 characters. Although it may be one of, if not the best written series ever, it will probably never get another season, because bitches think durarara is better. The ending is good, but knowing that there is still volumes of content that will never be animated makes me sad.



-”Durararararararararara!!”- Well obviously, it is not as good but has the same creator and the story and characters are still very good

-”Phantom: Requiem for Phantom”- A dark series about mafia related stuff and is also done by Gen the Butcher.

-”Black Lagoon” and “GANSTA.”- both share the mafia theme, and are well-written series.

Now before I get to number 1, some anime do not appear on the list because they are too old, full of fillers or people won’t watch them.

Examples are:

“Rurouni Kenshin” -Skips the best arcs from the manga and replaces them with fillers

“Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, “Tatami Galaxy”, “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” are examples of anime where you tell people to watch it but they never watch it.

“Gintama”- too long and some people won’t get the jokes

“GTO” , “Yuyu Hakusho” and other old classics are just too old and people won’t watch them no matter what

Also Evangelion might get a reboot soon, so I will wait for it before actually ranking it

1) Berserk Series

This series is the perfect “Fck you” for people who think anime is immature, because Berserk is hella mature and dark. Just imagine a world, where “God” does exists but instead they are Devils, you get one shitty world. The main character and villain are one of the most well known characters in anime because of how deep and well-written they are. The main character for instance is cursed by the villain and will forever be chased by demons, until he goes to hell. The villain is revealed early in the series but the story behind how he came to be is amazing. Add good music and movie level animation, you get a must watch anime. This series can only be define as dark and gritty and has no BS plot armor and friendship boost. The struggles the main character goes through is what makes him the best character of all time and this anime definitely deserves its popularity.


-”Claymore”-another dark medieval series similar to this one

-”Hellsing”- Alucard, nothing more


Please if Akame ga kill or Parasyte is not on here watch the dahm list. Akame was bad and Parasyte was great but the ⅓ end of the show was questionable. IF there is no Bleach, Dragonball or Tokyo Ghoul on here, it was because there are not that good in all honesty.





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