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Published August 22, 2018

We finally get some awesome gameplay from Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice and it is ten minutes long! People haven’t seen much of this game since E3, so having ten-minutes of gameplay was worth the wait.

The developers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, FromSoftware, are also the makers of this upcoming game Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. It looks like the movement in this game will be much more fluid and focused on stealth at times. The intense combat is still a major part in this game as well, just be careful because enemies will punish you HARD if you make a mistake. The gameplay shows off that if you die from an enemy then you will revive yourself having your last chance to kill off the enemy, If you die still, then you will respawn and the nearest checkpoint. When you check out the video just keep in mind it was played on PC, so graphics might be different on consoles.

Check out the 10-minute gameplay below and keep an eye out for Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC some time in 2019!



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