The Best & Worst Anime From Summer 2016

  • joshua tilllman

    Idk about u guys but mob psycho is one of my top 5 anime

    • TheMessiahofHumanity

      It’s in my Top 3 for 2016, I don’t know about all time tho

  • Gus StGermain

    my dude on his anime shit frfr and you are spot on with your critics

    • TheMessiahofHumanity

      Thank You

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    I disagree about Orange but definitely agree with you on Taboo

  • Mr. Payton

    Mob psycho is hilarious

  • Bruh, I think you’re a little late for Summer cosidering we in winter right now. Dope list anyways, I might have to check out mob psycho

  • Emmanuel Olofintuyi

    You already know mob had to take #1