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Published July 19, 2015

My boy, yo boy, our boy(s), Yugi and Yami, are back and ready to beat anybody who trying to get the work in duel monster with the new movie, The Dark Side of Dimensions. All that I can get from this trailer is that Yugi and Yami are still the best and undefeated bipolar team in duel monster history and Kaiba still ain’t about that life. All I can imagine is Yugi listening to Dej Loaf Try me as he drops anyone’s health points from 4000 to 0 real quick. I don’t know anything that is being shown on the trailer because the text is in what I believe to be Japanese and I’m from the United States so I can only read American, the language of freedom and attempts of keeping symbols of oppression and treason alive. Anyway, check out the new Yu-Gi-oh trailer below!

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