Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Makes The Jump To PC

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  1. This shit was trash Generations was way better

  2. They are both trash. Like literally any yugioh game now is hot fucking garbage. Konami just needs to buy ygopro.

    1. Deonte Hayes Deonte Hayes says:

      I agree I hate when they put in millennial duelist and add DLC for new cards. Like make all the cards easier to get? And bring back Tag duels lol

  3. This game is lit as fuck,the perfect game for dudes want to play casually

    1. Amir Olmos Amir Olmos says:

      Agreed. Most people who bash it are try hards. It’s clearly aimed for the casual player since it’s simplified from original layout

  4. It’s 2017 stop playing Yu-Gi-Oh, you ain’t going pro, your not winning championships, your not becoming the shounen Jump world champion and ya damn sure not going to get paid.

    1. Maxime Scott Maxime Scott says:

      Its 2017 stop being an idiot

  5. Maxime Scott Maxime Scott says:

    Anyone knows where i can get it?

  6. This is one of the most played mobile games out here. For those who say the game is trash, it’s just you skills dude

  7.' [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™ says:

    The only mobile game I ever play. Love the Speed Duels (Which is what they’re called whereas the duels with 5 zones in Monster and Spell/Trap/Pendulum are called Master Duels. Just a little YGO knowledge). Wish I had a Windows Surface so I can take it on the go over having to take my bulky laptop, do work and become the next King of Games.

  8.' bonez says:

    where do I download the pc version?

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