YouTuber “Fine Bro’s” Aren’t Doing So Fine

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  • OG puns for days.

  • Alexander B Helm

    Yeah, FUCK THEM

  • xX Hyper Xx

    Fr- franchise? You made a franchise by sticking people behind a camera to watch their reactions to stupid bullshit? Damn I don’t even feel Jewish after that. They beat the Jew in me by a milestone.

  • Luis ThisguyLuis

    Or as AlphaOmageSin put it, “Swine Bro’s”

    • Chris Aguilera

      I came across his channel last night. Lost it when he said reaction videos have been around way before they were even shot out of their daddy’s nut sack.

    • Ray Nankumar

      lool i love alpha

  • Stephen Dimitri Abernathy

    they kinda just turned “Kids React” into “EVERYBODY REACTS!!!!” now that they have every age range covered

  • Parbin Tiwari

    Reaction videos in general should be banned.

  • Noah Eugene Cooley

    Except what they’re doing is perfectly legal. Sharing not revenue that’s tied to a licensing agreement is what every tv show in America does. This is them helping other you tubers try and get big and if people have a problem with that fuck you for being selfish

    • Adam Morrow

      LOL. People do youtube since it’s the exact opposite of TV. You miss the point completely

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      the point is that people think what theyre doing is wrong, when in reality they want to help those who weren’t fortunate enough to explode or become big, i think the program they are offering is a wonderful idea to help smaller channels out

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Oh bullshit, they’re doing exactly what fucking machinima does.

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Luring in small youtubers, taking most of their funds, fucking them up the arse with contracts then finding legal loopholes to keep taking their fucking money.

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      And then acting like they invented reactions, fuck these guys, fuck them for acting like they’re above everyone else, fuck them for trying to take advantage of smaller youtubers with the promise of popularity, fuck them for being so fucking dainty about taking money from others, and fuck anyone who sticks up for them.

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      they don’t act like their above anyone else lmao, these guys actually appreciate all the hard work not only the people they work with put in but all of the youtubers who have said the fine bros inspired them, they have a love for the community that big shots like machinima and rooster teeth dont have

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      No they dont. They’re just like machinima, they are doing exactly what machinima does!

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Just with reaction bullshit instead of gameplay bullshit.

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      They dont give a fuck about Anything but making money, and i dont blame them, theres clearly people dumb enough to buy into it.

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      except they aren’t. Fine bros have donated thousands to many charities, they have held community events to give back, and are always looking to help people out. They are literally the exact opposite of the fine bros. unless you work directly for them or have met them like I have you have zero proof of anything your saying.

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Okay, so has roosterteeth? And they fuck people over all the time, you’re a gullible idiot.

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      And if you have a channel and sign with them, have fun watching people take your funds for your work. While the world laughs.

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      Lol I have met them, I have seen the way they act I have seen how they respond to the community, they are so much better than rooster teeth and machinima you can’t even compare them

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      You really dont know how corporate types work.

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      The only basis your argument lives on is “they’re just like machinima” what did machinima touch you once and. Now all big channels are that way?

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Well my boy, heres some real world knowledge. Putting on a nice facade is what rich types do to earn the trust of gullible people in an attempt to squeeze money out of them, by coming off as sweet as honey they stick right to the cash in your wallet, by being nice and making you think you’re friends. Plot twist You arent! But that wad of bills in your pocket is, they make money, make off clean for other peoples work, And laugh all the way to the bank

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      no dumbass, the corporate structure is exactly the same, are you fuckin blind?

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      You do realize that every time the fine bros have a youtuber on their channel they have to pay them right? By youtubes terms of payment and legal licensing they have to pay them lol, and them wanting to help others get to the point where they can have special guests like that is a huge leap forward for not only youtubes total profits but gives a massive rep boost to the fine bros

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      You’re just generally angry because people better off than you want to help others lol

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      “You’re a small channel? sign with us, we’ll get you popular”-machinima “You’re a small channel? sign with us, we’ll get you popular”-TFB “We’ll need you to sign over the rights to a fraction of your profits”- Both again. You’ll want out in a year we’ll take your money and keep you in, everybody thinks this a dumbass stupid idea except a few fanboys

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Im angry because big youtubers step on small ones all the time and dipshits like you think its okay

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      Tell me if the fine bros committed a murder, would it be okay because you met them? Because you think they’re swell guys? no they would be murderers, smaller scale, same point.

    • Steven Arthur Poe

      But hey man, my opinion doesnt matter, the masses have spoken, and you’re the only guy ive seen stick up for the fine bullshit. So i dont have to argue this.

    • Noah Eugene Cooley

      Except the fine bros don’t want people to sign with them, it’s literally a network communion that will allow others to use some of their techniques and training to make their own channels bigger it’s not a “here have a hand out” it’s “here have some tips and training”

    • Jaimes Burne

      They’re trying to buy rights to a word everyone uses as well, how’d you like to not be able to put that anywhere in public/product(and so on) without possibly being sued

  • Remy Redgrave

    Umm who cares?

  • Adam Brashear

    Smart business plan, wrong community to try that with…

  • Phillip Harris V

    They deserve it

    • Khoa Đăng Nguyễn

      what happen ?

  • Sergio Juarez

    Lmao they suck

  • Gregory Blair

    They’re losing 5-10 subs every second last time I checked. (12 am est) So yeah, they fucked up big time.

  • Steven Arthur Poe

    These guys are doing exactly what fucking machinima does on a bigger scale, fuck the idea of big youtubers taking money from smaller ones, acting godly, and thinking they’re better than anybody else

  • Derek Grundwalski

    Fucking youtubers

  • Alex Alvarado

    Typical jews

  • Dean Johnson
  • Ahmad Subhi

    You need the plural form of the noun.

  • Ahmad Subhi

    Furthermore, you guys really should take a look at making your page more accessible. I am a visually impaired user and I rely on the program voiceover. The amount of graphic pop ups is very inconvenient.

  • Andy-Samuel Facetious Voltaire

    Never liked these guys. They’re not original. Plus, they look like aliens disguised as humans. Ugly mfers

  • Matthew Ruffo

    Everyone who thinks they make it big sells out on YouTube. Nothing new, difference being these guys created more appealing content than others thus far the adverse reaction comes to mind as it being soo sad and all that other blahze blah when in all reality it’s a general phase in internetainer life styles/choices. Marketing comes to play as well but that’s a wholeee different subject lmao

  • Klent Foster

    Yes!! I fucking hate the Fine Bros and their obnoxious videos. The Teens React to NES games was good though since it had so many innuendos with kids who were just young enough to not realize what they were saying lol!

    • Louis Reyes

      So do you hate or like their videos make up your mjnd

    • Klent Foster

      I hate them except for that one but I don’t think what made it so funny to me was intentional by them, they just sit back and collect all the money while they have kids do the actual videos.

  • Maxford Boucher

    Good fuck em

  • Marvale Kellogg

    Are they really the first to do react videos though?

    • Moises David Salcido

      No they are not, there has been countless react videos before they started.

    • Jessica

      oh no not by a long shot. there have been many reaction videos even before they came into the picture

  • and they ugly too

  • Wesley Kidsolo Dunson

    Now they trying to we didn’t understand what they was doing and trying to apologize. We understood exactly what you greedy arrogant mf’s was trying to do but know that yall are losing subscriber you guys are trying to say sorry. Fuck you

  • legendaryweeabo

    capitalism at its finest

  • Ricardo Castrejon


  • Brandon Pilgrim

    “They’ve lost over 80k ignorant and jealous subscribers” is what this headline should say. They worked to get where they are and they’re trying to help smaller channels out. Even IF they’re secretly just being greedy, at least they’re making a better effort to help small channels out, which is a saving grace for a lot of us. If you’re not acting like a damn retard and constantly swear on YT, you can’t get popular. So I fully support their mature and open minded choice to help small channels grow.

    • Adrian Cintron

      Theyre trying to trademark the work “React” which basically means they can monopolize that catagory they aint helping anyone

    • Brandon Pilgrim

      Adrian Cintron I was researching the details, yeah I’m not happy with them now. I still think a part of them legitimately wanted to help smaller channels though.

    • Alex Ogilvie

      They’ve lost 300k

  • Christopher Styles Bell

    Honestly kids and elders react should be them. Everyone knows how to make a react video

  • Edwin Thompson

    Ethan Gould

  • Socram Zednanreh

    How is this gaming?

  • Jeremiah Saul Jr.

    look like pedos

  • Zachary Dennis

    The grammar on this article though…

  • Peter Kiyabo

    So they’re trying to trademark the word “React”, so if I have a video about scientific Chemical reactions on my channel then they can get copyright strike me. What a bunch horse shit

    • Quentin Bell

      No. If they copyright the word “react” then you’d get a strike. If they trademark it, they can take your video down completely with no problem.

    • Peter Kiyabo

      Quentin Bell wow so goodbye to almost all chemistry videos on YouTube if they actually succeed

  • Stevenson Augustin

    Meeckerly Augustin Rudolph Augustin

  • Sir Sev

    They look so fucking high all the time…

  • P Nat Gaming

    Who give a fuck…give them no attentions if you don’t like them

  • Michael Saccavino

    Guy on the right looks like a brain damaged pug.

  • Alejandro Hernandez

    2 girls 1 cup