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Published February 1, 2016

The Fine Bros are the guys who created Elders React, Teens React, Kids React, etc. They are a popular group known for reaction videos. A few days ago someone had the not so bright idea of convincing the Fine Bro to announce that they are going to allow people to basically be a subsidiary Youtuber under them to “license” their style and branding of their React series. This would be called react world where if you joined you are now part of their special react community and you share they take a percentage of your revenue for using their style. Well they way they came off was as arrogant dicks and the internet wasn’t having it. The Fine Bro’s has now lost over 80K subscribers and still counting. Because of all the negative backlash they had to drop their new video below. Do you think people are over reacting responding to the way they want to create a community?

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