You’ll Shed THUG TEARS When You See The New Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay

  • MrDatsouthkid

    Damn man I’m 20 now and this series still got me in my feels 😭😭😭👌👌

  • Miguel Ramirez

    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ almighty. Kh3 will be goty no doubt.

  • Bl4kAce


  • BRUH, I nutted. Pause, but still, you see them graphics th? I thought they were playing the Toy Story movie in game b. 2018 goty

  • Robert Johnson

    Ever since the trailer came out the internet has been going crazy and I can’t wait and this is the first and probably last only to be on xbox but no switch

  • I thought I was excited before but now……..I’m restless

  • Wolfgang Ward

  • Shadow Cat

    Coming in 2018… days.

    • MrDatsouthkid

      Nigga don’t jinx it

  • I’m not that impress I lost patience cus of waiting so long the trailer wasn’t even that good all they did was teased a non important cutscenes with some gameplay Who cares about toy story I wanna see Roxas or more about the Black box -_-

    • Damon Ransom #Swavey

      Non important cutscene? Young Xehanort is there for a big reason.

  • KH3 Now in Development 2020

  • Jonathan the fucking name of this article I love it

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    Who ready to see what Herc taught Sora?