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Published July 15, 2017

Kingdom Hearts 3! Kingdom Hearts 3! Kingdom Hearts 3! That’s all you heard from gaming fans who had high hopes for E3 2017. E3 let us down, but that’s most likely Disney’s fault.

Disney had their D23 event planned for the next month and most likely wanted to hold off on any new KH3 news. We waited and thank god they didn’t disappoint because I know the internet would have had their pitch forks ready.

During the D23 live stream, five new minutes of Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay was revealed. We get a look at combat, a Hercule’s boss fight, the new Toy Story world, some returning villains and so much more.

Oh and we FINALLY got a release window. At the end of the trailer, it says 2018. I’m willing to bet it’s going to drop fall of 2018. Man does this game look great! Can’t wait!


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