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Published October 22, 2018

In an interesting move for Bethesda, Fallout 76 will have a beta starting this week for players excited to try out the game before it drops November 14th. Luckily for Xbox One users, you get to play the game starting tomorrow, October 23rd. Times are as follows:

  • US Pacific: 4pm— 8 pm, Tuesday 23 October.
  • US Eastern: 7pm—11pm, Tuesday 23 October.
  • UK: 12 midnight—4am, Wednesday 24 October.
  • Australia (Sydney): 10am—2pm, Wednesday 24 October

The main difference between this Fallout compared to its predecessors is the fact that this one is always online. Bethesda needs to stress test the game to ensure it will work fine at launch. PC players will have to wait until next week, October 30th to try it out. You can pre-load the game right now for Xbox users.

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