Yoshimitsu Enters The Tekken 7 Arena

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  • steelers

    My nigga is back

  • Nabilety

    Tentacles though?

  • Fbreezy

    Why did they redesigned him from TTT2? Bruh, he look like a tentacle monster from hentai. And why don’t they bring back the lightsaber? Everyone remembers the lightsaber from T3.

    • Sir Sev

      It’s there.

      I’m sure.

      I hope….

    • Brush you know damn well that won’t be the only variation of my boy yoshi that can be played. They’ll have skins and such you watch. If not I might die a lil not gonna lie. But I kinda dig the new look.

  • Black Panda

    Why Yoshimitsu look like a evolved Xenomorph