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Published February 5, 2019

We know that Microsoft and Nintendo have been playing nice as of late, but never would I have told you that Microsoft would be taking this friendship one step further. Initially teased at GDC, Xbox Live will be expanding to mobile (iOS and Android) and the Nintendo Switch!?

The motive behind this comes from Microsoft wanting players to be able to access things like their achievements and friends list on the go. What I would like to know is why would you have a competitor online program on the Nintendo Switch? I can understand Android and iOS, but to me, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t make sense.

Another question that arises is the possible cross-play factor. Is Microsoft telling the gaming world that they want to make cross-play a thing for all of their titles? Will party chat be an option for mobile and the Switch as well? So many questions that need answers, but unless other news arises we will have to wait until March 18-22 when GDC will take place.

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